Although we do not yet have a worship service but are starting with a home Bible study, people are asking me an important question: “What will the worship be like at Florida Coast Church?”  Often what they mean by that question is: “Will it be traditional, contemporary, or blended?”  I have declined to answer the question in those terms and reply that it will be biblical, Reformed, and congregational.

By biblical, I mean that the elements will be those commanded in Scripture, and the content will be biblical, with much Scripture reading and songs that are chocked full of Scriptural content.  By Reformed, I mean that the theology of the Protestant Reformation (especially as formulated in documents like the Westminster Confession of Faith, theHeidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort among others) will be a secondary filter to guide song and reading selection.  By congregational, I mean that the songs will be singable by normal people, and their voices will be the principal instruments.  Whatever musicians we have will be located in back of the congregation in order to form part of it and participate with it.

(My good friend Mark Dever wrote a good article describing Capitol Hill Baptist Church’s low-budget and exuberant worship services.)