Exodus 17:8–18:27

The LORD uses leaders to deal with threats to the welfare of his people, and he is the God who delivers them.

Exodus 17:8–18:272022-11-27T16:11:12-05:00

Exodus 15-17 – Water, Bread, Rock

Even though his people grumbled and quarreled, the Lord satisfied their needs at his own expense.

Exodus 15-17 – Water, Bread, Rock2022-11-20T17:22:39-05:00

Exodus 13-15 – Glorious Triumph

At the Red Sea, the LORD triumphed gloriously, made himself known, and anticipated his greater triumph in the cross and resurrection.

Exodus 13-15 – Glorious Triumph2022-11-13T13:33:53-05:00

Exodus 12-13 – The Passover

The tenth plague was the death of the firstborn of Egypt, which was also the salvation of the people of Israel.

Exodus 12-13 – The Passover2022-11-09T13:10:12-05:00

Exodus 7-11 – Nine Rounds

Moses and Aaron represented Yahweh, who took on Pharaoh along with the gods, goddesses, and magicians of Egypt during nine rounds of a ten round fight.

Exodus 7-11 – Nine Rounds2022-10-30T18:00:33-04:00

Exodus 5-6 – God Does Care

Even though it was hard for the Hebrew slaves to see it, and hard for us sometimes, God does care.

Exodus 5-6 – God Does Care2022-10-23T14:13:53-04:00

Exodus 4 – How God Delivers

God delights to bring deliverance through unlikely people and in surprising ways.

Exodus 4 – How God Delivers2022-10-30T18:01:25-04:00

Exodus 3 – I Am

In the encounter with Moses at the burning bush, God revealed himself and promised to show us more of who he is.

Exodus 3 – I Am2022-10-09T15:35:12-04:00

Exodus 2 – God Remembered

When it looked like God had forgotten his people, he remembered his covenant promises.

Exodus 2 – God Remembered2022-10-30T18:02:00-04:00

Exodus 1 – God’s Plan and Our Suffering

God fulfills his plan against human opposition and even through human suffering.

Exodus 1 – God’s Plan and Our Suffering2022-09-25T12:56:38-04:00
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